The Quixotian's Lament

by Jamie Aaron Aux

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Songwriting, instruments, vocals, and recording production by Jamie Aaron. Bass and drum writing contributions on "League, Fathom, or Stone" by Ben Baier and Jon Jacobson.

Recorded at home between 2008-2012.


released May 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Jamie Aaron Aux Seattle, Washington



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Track Name: League, Fathom, or Stone
Oh, what a fortunate girl with so much misfortune to tell
I’ll spend half my life throwing pennies down the well
Raise my arms – surrender or rejoice?
I hear a mouse whispering in a chapel of noise

Oh, what the hell?
Who do I tell?

Button up my blouse, put a crease in my trousers, a glint in my eye, and off I go
pristine skies and not a scent of a lie do I breathe out
But fault lines run right through the city
They’ll wreck everything I thought was pretty

Oh, hell
Who do I tell?

The shitstorm shredded every cent of a sense that I had someone turning stones for me, too
With an ads and an axe and a hammer and some plans I’m going to make something out of myself
Take my hand, it has seen hard work
I’ll walk with you long after my feet hurt
Stripped of purpose or stripped of pride
You’ll see just as much love in my eyes

Oh, hell
Who do I tell?
Track Name: I'm Here
Oh, the words that fell out
for you to keep
take home with you
So, I’ll stay behind
for you to be
with her, without

Me singing softly
And you sleeping soundly
Your love’s not worth leaving
But if you find yourself wondering
I’m here

Oh, I could be a ghost
I gaze at you
you see through me
My guts twist, so I know I exist
I’ll crush, not wreck
I’ll blush and accept

That I’ve got a cold bed
By June you will be wed
Your love’s not worth leaving
But if you find yourself wondering
I’m here when you’re hurting
I’m here when you’re happy
My empty house echos
The life waiting for you
I’m here
Track Name: The Next 50 Winters I
I can’t tell you anything you haven’t already heard from Ben Gibbard by now
I can’t even hear feet over gravel without thinking of the night you told me you were less sure

But if we can weather the next 50 winters
I can say I was right about us from the beginning
I’ve started to aim high, so if – or when – I fail
It’ll be a spectacular display
I’ll forge ahead if you need to take it day-to-day

I can’t seem to master the inflection to properly deliver the extent to which you’re unreal
And I’ll these words I try to throw together – a disheveled dusty mess of junk store clutter, my dear

Lying on your back, I was on my stomach. You said I was one of the best, and two and three and four
Of all the things that I want to hear, just tell me when you are sure.
Track Name: The Next 50 Winters II
I drove right over the bridge, although I wanted to stop
Shut off the alarm by unplugging the clock
Don’t rescue me
It’s not in the smile, you see
I’ve got this good thing going with me and my gut
I know when I’m right and when to give up
And it’s telling me
I’ve had the best I’ll ever see

Here's your spectacular display
You go ahead and I'll try to face the day

I went by your apartment, but I wanted to stop
Knock on the door and give you a hug
Get on my knees if that's what it takes, but please
If this is learning, I'd rather be dumb
I won't write the songs, I'll just sing with yours
Don't pity me
I cry so easily
Track Name: I Can Be Your Friend
I won’t sing the blues
I will strum no pain
No more angry songs
I won’t damage your good name
When the sky shows sun
I’ll reach out my hand
When the night falls in
I can be your friend

It’s pushing 10 PM
I get up at six
You just have to ask
I’ll meet you for a drink
The bar is loud with kids
Checking names they’ve never met
But it’s just me. And you.
I can be your friend

The new normal
You take what you are given
Don’t want too much
Don’t talk too much
And don’t you ever touch
Track Name: Whiskey River
There’s an old cowboy song about dusting one’s self off, I’m sure
So many rides, so many chances to get hurt, I know

Wisdom so simple is so hard to put into motion
There’s a commotion that I can’t ignore

There’s an old miner’s song about giving it all before you go home
Those old boys know about getting out of a deep, dark hole

Wisdom so simple is so hard to put into motion
There’s a commotion that I can’t ignore
A roar that knocks me to the floor
What I’ve lost and everything I’m not
Has me filling the empty space with bourbon, Willie, and Waylon and the boys

I’m sure there’s a rhyme
I’m sure there’s a reason
But what it’s leaving me is fucked up and alone
You say there’s a rhyme
You say there’s a reason
But who you’re speaking to is not who you’ve known

Wisdom so simple is so hard to put into motion
There’s a commotion that I can’t ignore
A roar that knocks me to the floor
My face, it’s stoic, my heart’s had its ass kicked
I knew how this would go – I called it over a hear ago

And still, I lost, and I don’t add up to a lot
So I fill the empty space with bourbon, WIlie and Waylon and the boys
I’ve heard so many lines and I’ve listened to your reasons
But do you understand I’m never going home?

There’s a sweet, soft tune about the hereafter, I’m sure
A peaceful end, and we will meet again, but how do you know?
Track Name: Losing The Match
I got a best buddy with tiny velvet ears
We're driving around the city and thinking on the years
of girls who failed to fix this heart and then they disappear
I'm losing the match against fighting back the tears

My wife, she was gorgeous - a dream for most young men
I failed her in so many ways it's no surprise she fled
She never says she misses me, just moved on to my friend
I'm losing the match against fighting back the tears

My dad he passed early - he was a kid's best friend
My mom, she disowned me, she don't like the way I live
All that's left for family now is a stack of old pictures
I'm losing the match against fighting back the tears